Freestyle Libre 1 Reader


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With every painless scan, the FreeStyle Libre Reader displays the current glucose reading, the latest 8 hours of continuous glucose data and a trend arrow showing if glucose levels are going up down or changing slowly.



FreeStyle Libre Reader, Glucose Monitoring Device Price

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What does the FreeStyle Libre Reader show you?

Easy to see trends : Trend arrows make it easy to spot ups, downs and night-time lows and see which way and how quickly glucose levels are changing. The ability to scan as many times as you like allows you to better understand the impact of actions like food, exercise and insulin on glucose levels. Furthermore, you can also set customizable reminders and alerts with sound or vibration and add your own notes to help interpret your data.

Convenient and discreet: Small and lightweight, the Reader is easy to always hold and carry with you. A quick one second scan, which works even through clothing, enables you to scan as many times as you like – discreetly wherever and whenever you want.

Better diabetes management: Access to clear information to help you make informed changes between these visits, as directed by your healthcare professional, could have a positive effect on the outcome of your diabetes management.

Why buy from Afyacode online medical store in Kenya

At Afyacode, we not only offer quality medical products to you at the best prices in Kenya but we as well contribute 10% of every sale to charity. Therefore, know that every time you make a purchase from Afyacode you are saving a life somewhere. For example, helping a less privileged diabetic child acquire insulin.

Additional information

Reaction Time

9 seconds

Measurement Range

1.7~41.7 mmol/L(30~750 mg/L)

Expiry of Test Strips

See print on the top of the box

System operation conditions

Use SoftStyle Blood Glucose Glucometer only, TNTC of Test Blood: 30~55%

Storage temperature



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