Microlet Lancets 25 pieces


Key features:

  • Universal –  fit all devices from any manufacturer piercing.
  • Comfortable testing
  • Quantity: 200 pieces


Microlet Lancets 25 pieces Price in Kenya

Microlet lancets 25 pieces at an affordable price on Afyacode online diabetes shop. We have a team of expert doctors who assess and recommend all products found in our shop. Therefore, you get to buy recommended lancets in Kenya at our store at the best prices in Kenya.  

What are lancets and why do diabetes patients need them?

Lancets are small needles that are used to prick the skin to draw small samples of blood. Diabetes patients often need these small samples of blood to test for their blood glucose levels as part of their blood glucose monitoring. Before, the process has been painful and expensive because patients have had to visit medical centers. However, with a set of lancets, a glucometer and test strips, a patient can accurately take their blood glucose measurements at the comfort of their home.

What should you consider when buying sterile lancets?

Most sterile lancets available in the Kenyan market today are mostly from manufacturers who produce glucose mentoring machines. These lancets range from basic ones to more advanced ones that produce a painless prick. 

Most glucometers come with a set of lancets, a pricking tool and test strips. So the first thing you need to consider when buying lancets is their compatibility with the pricking tool you have. Most lancets are compatible with most pricking tools available however, how easily the tool controls the penetration’s depth will depend on the lancet.

Why buy Microlet Lancets?

Contour Microlet lancets come with advantages not limited to:

  • Universal –  fit all devices from any manufacturer piercing.
  • Comfortable testing

How to use Microlet Lancets

Why buy from Afyacode’s online diabetes shop in Kenya?

Expert doctors have tested and approved all the products in our store. Also, we contribute 10% of every sale to charity. Therefore, know that every time you buy from us, you are saving a life somewhere. For example, you could be helping a less privileged diabetic child acquire insulin.

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