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OMRON M4 Blood Pressure Monitor


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  • 2 Users x 60 Readings
  • Your blood pressure reading is displayed on the large LCD screen alongside your heartrate, and indicators for if you’ve recorded a high blood pressure result or if the device has detected an irregular heartbeat.
  • The body movement detector will let you know if you are not still and are at risk of taking an inaccurate measurement.
  • Compatible with Omron connect app
  • Clinical Validation, Diabetic Validation, Pregnancy Validation
  • Supplied with a Medium/Large(22-42cm)Intelli Wrap cuff for upper arm measurements in adults.
  • Batteries and storage case included
  • N/B: We donate 10% of what you pay to charity.

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OMRON M4 Blood Pressure Monitor Price in Kenya

OMRON M4 Blood Pressure Monitor at an affordable price @Afyacode online diabetes shop in Kenya. Buy recommended BP machines in Kenya at our store at the best prices in Kenya. 

What is a Blood Pressure Monitor?

A blood pressure monitor is a device used to measure the blood pressure of an individual. They come in different sizes. A BP machine helps diabetic patients monitor the blood pressure and note when it goes up or down. In addition, it is generally important for any person to monitor their blood pressure. As a result, you will be able to detect signs of diabetes early enough. When you detect diabetes symptoms early enough diabetes reversal process can be initiated.

What should you consider when buying Blood Pressure Monitor

The size of the cuff is the most important feature to check when you’re selecting a blood pressure monitor, Dr. Daniel says. The 2017 High Blood Pressure Clinical Practice Guidelines, which both the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association endorse, recommends these sizes: 

  • Small: Arm circumference of 22 to 26 centimeters (about 8.5 to 10 inches).
  • Average: Arm circumference of 27 to 34 centimeters (about 10.5 to 13 inches).
  • Large: Arm circumference of 35 to 44 centimeters (about 13.5 to 17 inches)

Another factor to consider is the type of cuffs. Choose arm cuffs over wrist cuffs.

Why OMRON M4 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron’s unique Intelli Wrap Cuff takes away the hassle of cuff placement on the upper arm – giving accurate blood pressure measurements in any position around the upper arm. Cuff wrap guide and body movement detection indicators help you to avoid common mistakes that can cause inaccurate blood pressure readings.

In summary;

  • 2 users, 60 readings
  • Cuff wrap guide
  • Compatible with OMRON Connect App
  • Supplied with a Medium/Large (22 – 42cm) size cuff
  • Product code: HEM-7155T-EBK

What’s in the box;

  • M4 Intelli IT blood pressure monitor
  • Intelli Wrap Cuff (22-42cm)
  • Instruction manual 1 and 2
  • Batteries and storage case
  • Setup instructions

A review of the Omron M4 Blood Pressure Monitor

Why buy from Afyacode online medical store in Kenya?

Expert doctors have tested and approved all the products in our store. Also, we contribute 10% of every sale to charity. Therefore, know that every time you buy from us, you are saving a life somewhere. For example, you could be helping a less privileged diabetic child acquire insulin.

Additional information

Device Type

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Cuff Type

Medium Cuff 22–32 cm


30 readings


Clinical Validation

Intellisense Technology


Consumer or Professional


Device Weight (kg)


Item dimensions (mm)

105 x 153 x 87

Body Movement Detection



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